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In life they say there are no “do-overs”, no starting again, no re-launch, no next time. In many ways this blog dispels the theory. Before I go into all of that I must introduce myself.

Welcome to the boy in a bubble blog. This blog and the desire to blog have come out of my ramblings on my Facebook page. I had never thought of blogging until it was suggested by friends who read my scrawls on the aforementioned Facebook. I must say that I was greatly encouraged by their desire to see me expand my ideas. TA DA!!! Here I am!

The reason that this blog is called Boy in a bubble is because that is how I see my life, as if lived in a bubble. The world seems to happen around me and without me. I think that the Beatles expressed it the best “life goes on within you and without you”.

Not only is this blog me starting over but ever single day that I get up out of bed is a “do-over”. My bubble is part of my disability which is as invisible to most people as I am. My disability is that I deal with mental health issues and some days the battle seems tougher to win than on others. The issues I live with and battle are: schizoaffective disorder; agoraphobia; paranoid delusions, anxiety and panic attacks. Not every disability is visible.

I have the world’s best service dog (officially he is an Assistance Dog) Buddy. Buddy is a 4 and half year old Cavoodle and he is certified through mindDog. If you are looking for them online then go to they are fantastic. Before mindDog and Buddy my life was rubbish. Without Buddy I cannot even go to my mailbox let alone out into public places. My life has changed so much since he has become a part of it.  For those who like to know the details… Buddy is a Cavoodle which means that he is a combination of Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Poodle parents. I did not ever meet his parents as he came from the Hawkesbury Animal Shelter in Windsor N.S.W ( So he is a rescue. Buddy is so perfect for me. I am amazed by how much I love this guy which is a good thing since we spend 24/7 together. Buddy has been with me on trains and gosh I hate public transport, to… the shops, cafés, the Sydney Opera House, hospitals, bush walks, TAFE and anywhere I go. I do some talks to community groups about mental health issues, mindDog and Buddy.  Come on who wouldn’t want to talk about this amazing guy.  Trust me if you stay with this blog you will be seeing more of Buddy.

I am also a Christian and go to an Anglican church. Faith is a major part of my life. While I do not believe that this blog will become a religious one but it would be impossible for me not to view the world through this world view. I mention this to be completely up front and honest.

I am into various hobbies and interests. Among these include photography, knitting (yes I am a male who knits…), spin fibre into yarn and community radio. The radio station that I am involved with is SWR FM 99.9 the station can be found online at or on Facebook you should check it out.

Thank you for dropping by and checking out my blog. I hope you will come back again soon.

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  1. bonniethemutt · September 13, 2015

    Nice to meet another mindDog! I look forward to reading your future posts 🙂

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