Moments come and moments go. Some moments we wait our whole life for. Some are just an instant burst of joy. Some will linger long in the memory. I just had such a moment.

To some this will seem quite a silly moment. Some won’t understand. Some will stand in awe and wish they had such a moment. While other’s will remember their moments like this and smile. No matter if you have or haven’t had a moment like this I hope you will join in the childlike wonder of the moment.

I have an Assistance Dog, Buddy. When Buddy isn’t working he is just Buddy. I guess like Postman Pat, he isn’t always a postman but he is always Pat. Anyway, one of the things about Buddy is he needs three to four toilet walks a day, after all, he is an Assistance Dog not a robot. He will not toilet on the house block but needs to go for a walk. This is actually good for my depression. No matter if it is a freezing frosty morning or like today a blistering hot afternoon I have to take Buddy for his walks.

We just got back from such a walk.

During this walk Buddy directed me towards a giant shade tree well more towards the shade of this huge oak tree. When it gets to hot on our walks Bud takes the opportunity to lie down. This time he put his nose to the ground and then rolled in the grass with a huge smile on his face. I started rubbing his tummy and then it happened I giggled. It just bubbled up from some deep well and before I even knew it was there on my lips. This sneaky giggle turned into a laugh and then it was an outrageous uproar of laughter. I was in the moment. If someone would have chanced upon this scene they would have thought I was drunk or out of my mind.

Then something else wonderful happened. I just laid down in the grass with Buddy. I giggled, talked, giggled some more and patted him. It was a perfect moment of peace in a mad world. The peace was all pervasive. There wasn’t a part of me that didn’t feel like I was at one with myself and this moment.

For the longest time I just laid there with my dog and talked and laughed and looked at his most amazing smile. It was like he understood. It was like we suddenly knew each other far better than we ever had.

Maybe this happened because it came at the end of a very stressful day. Maybe it just happened because I needed it. Maybe it just happened.

While I do understand the serendipitous nature of this moment I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I wouldn’t trade it for money or gold. This was a moment of sheer bliss. This was a moment of just being. I didn’t have to be anything or pretend I just went with what was happening. My spirits were lifted and I felt so incredibly alive. I was truly me.

This may not sound like much to you but as I have explained previously I have a range of mental illnesses and this is huge, trust me, it really is huge.

Just lying in the long cool grass, under the shade of that huge oak tree, with my best mate, now that was heaven on earth. I just wish I had the words to let you know how freeing, how calming, how relaxing and how life affirming it was for me.


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  1. bunnyhopscotch · January 13, 2016

    It was a huge moment. I know those wonderful spontaneous moments. Our dogs are special “moment-magicians”!

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